Game Over (Old)

This document intends to give you some perspectives on what is really going on in the world. The reality of our world is far more complex and completely different from what you hear on TV. This document will tell you about the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations, of our exact place in what we call 'the universe' and of how the planet is in grave danger and on the verge of total destruction. The contents of this document are of the up most significance for your own survival as well as the survival of this planet.

Before I start let me refer you to many sources and video material that I added to this document. Please watch this too. (YouTube videos)

First some points to build up my statements:

In 2003 I first heard about the Disclosure Project from Dr Steven Greer. Although I had been a septic about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, after long long consideration and building up courage (honestly) I watched the press conference and my life changed forever. In 2008 I read an article that showed evidence of research worldwide, that there have been nuclear wars on earth long ago. The article shows research all over the world of land turning into deserts suddenly, sand turning into glassy fields, ancient cities totally burned and turned into glass. All kinds of unbelievable changes thousands of years ago that suggest they were caused by nuclear war. In 2012 scientists First reported about the possibility that our universe – or what we perceive to be so – is in fact a hologram. December 2013 this concept was further explained and discussed by international scientists who see evidence for this to be true. Between 2008 and 2013 I have witnessed at least 15 UFOs, some of which were extraordinary close and of extraordinary nature. Besides that I have been in 'close contact' with entities that are not of human origin and/or this planet. For the sake and purpose of this document I will keep my own experience out of this, but I can assure you, there is no denial or skepticism after having been through some of the things I have witnessed. And that does help to make this case.

Now some steps back:

In 1947 reports came in the US media of some sort of flying disk that had crashed near Roswell – New Mexico. Although the military and other agencies did their best to cover up this reality, the truth about the crash of this extraterrestrial flying object, and its crew have come out bit by bit. In 2001 Dr Steven Greer, an American doctor and head of a local ER, organized a press conference with 20 key witnesses that all testified on their experiences with what they called the UFO phenomenon and the reality of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Since then a massive breakthrough in information and continuous testimonies have come forward that more and more have revealed the truth about this reality. Several years ago I got in contact with someone – I will keep that person anonymous – who had credible information and was witness in many ways of facts that still up to today are rarely even whispered about. Late testimonies shown on youtube from Colonel Wendelle Stevens confirm what has been hushed in the dark cracks of the internet. Which is, that the Nazi's were aware of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, that a disk had crashed in Germany during the war, that they had managed to start working on reverse technology to build flying saucers, and that they had managed to set up bases both in South America and on the Antarctic. Furthermore, my contact had credible evidence that Hitler and several other top Nazi's had escaped at the end of the war to Argentine and had lived there for many more years in total freedom. As appalling and shocking as all of this already is it gets worse. This witness and other sources have reliable proof of the Nazi's continuing their experiments on humans and had combined this 'science' with technologies from extraterrestrial origin. Also there is significant reason to suspect that the Nazi base on Antarctica and elsewhere was a joint exercise where extraterrestrial forces were involved too in some ways.

After World War 2 four major developments have started. First of all, German Nazi scientists and top officials were secretly brought to the US where they were directly involved in both CIA and NASA. The notorious Wernher von Braun was directly involved in NASA and without these Nazi's Americans had never ever brought a man on the moon so soon.

Second, secret programs started right after the Roswell crash that were set up with the goal to 1. recover extraterrestrial craft, crew and technology, 2. to reverse engineer this extraterrestrial technologies, and 3. to hide these facts and discoveries from the world (especially on so called free energy and/or the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial craft), to keep them secret and use them for the military advantage and expansion of the United States.

Third, technological breakthroughs came out that actually had an origin in extraterrestrial technology, such as certain radar improvements, laser techniques, night vision, fiber optics, stealth and much more. Again, these technologies had not been possible if the US military and the secret black ops projects had not successfully managed to get so much information from many many crashed disks, extraterrestrial beings, and the cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations. The fact that these secret groups used those techniques and results for their own gain, for military supremacy and for diabolic evil imperialistic greed were NOT in alignment or agreement with the extraterrestrial civilizations.

Fourth: since the first experiment with a nuclear bomb there has been an exceptional increase in sightings of UFO's and extraterrestrial encounters of many kinds. Today we know that the use of nuclear weapons has caused quite an alarm in the extraterrestrial civilizations in our and many other universes and dimensions.

There is good reason to assume that the use of nuclear technologies has not only alarmed these many civilizations, but has also activated their involvement with our planet. There are many shocking stories of UFO's visiting nuclear bases in the US, UK and Russia, disarming and disabling nuclear weapons. There are examples on ships and submarines and planes, where UFOs intervened and took out nuclear capabilities.

And then there are examples of rockets with nuclear content being launched that were intercepted and disabled by unidentified flying objects that were obviously not from this planet, highly intelligent in origin and very advanced in techniques. Since the 60s we have started to build up weapon systems in space that are for the most NOT aimed at earth but into the dark skies out of our planets range. This too is a significant threat that causes grave concern with our extraterrestrial neighbors.

There is reason to conclude that the activities on earth, our nuclear testing for decades with bomb sand the actual use of nuclear bombs on Japan at the end of World War 2 have caused harm to the extraterrestrial civilizations elsewhere. This has led many to understand that there is some connection o other universes and other dimensions of worlds and universes that we have no idea about yet.

President Eisenhower made an urgent appeal at the end of his term and warned the world for forces within the military industrial complex that had gotten out of control. Today, after the many disclosure testimonies by hundreds of top rank officials from military, NASA and others, we know that the black ops projects have gotten completely out of control and form a real danger to our freedom, democracy, to human rights and to the very existence of our planet. On top of this we know today that the US secret black ops projects have technologies that would enable the entire planet to have free non-polluting everlasting energy. This is energy that draws its power out of the space around us, and is so strong that a single square cm would bring up enough energy to keep the entire planet free of energy for a long time. The reality of this technique is well known to the black ops projects but is hidden from the public, because it would end the global oil (and nuclear) industry. It would end poverty and hunger within years and solve our environmental disastrous situation that is now killing our planet. But the reality is that greed rules these projects and these people and the ones connected with it from the military industrial and oil industry complex! And therefor these techniques are hidden and anyone who dares bring that truth out has been murdered for the last 60+ years.

There is reason to believe that Einstein's laws of space and time are not entirely true, are not complete and are not applicable in many situations outside our planet. There is evidence that we live in a multidimensional reality, where extraterrestrial civilizations and countless universes have their own worlds, possibly also in other dimensions. There is reason to suspect that these dimensions and universes are nevertheless somehow connected through 'portals'. This is one of the reasons why nuclear disasters on earth, testing and use of nuclear bombs, and disasters such as Fukushima, have an impact on the realities, dimensions and worlds of other living creatures elsewhere.

This is of grave concern to these extraterrestrial civilizations!

However, it gets even more complicated. As I stated at the beginning, there is evidence that suggests that planet earth has suffered from nuclear wars before in a very ancient past. The truth is, that planet earth has been destroyed many many times before by humans who lost control of their greed, selfishness and ambitions. That humans – again and again – have tried to master the secrets of the universe, and split the atom. And as soon as nuclear technologies became a reality we - again and again - had these technologies lead to nuclear wars and the destruction of our planet.

Gary Zukov once wrote: "We are not human beings searching for a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings looking for a human experience!" That statement is so very true. We humans are constantly trying to learn and grow on our soul level. Our human souls are a magnificent thing. It keeps us tapped into our spiritual force and connects us to all living creatures. In fact "as Dr Steven Greer quoted once so clearly, "the total number of souls in the universe is ONE!" This shows that we are all connected to all living creatures. Therefor, what we go through as a human species could be seen as a soul process of the entire 'collective' so to speak. Unfortunately, we have not learned much and keep messing things up. Our human species and our spiritual evolution is on a constant carrousel that keeps running the same record, over and over again, and has always led to our destruction, time and time again. You could say, our record is stuck, and even worse: we are about to crash again and set human evolution back thousands of years.

Imagine a computer game, like those old 'Donkey Kong's' or 'Prince of Persia'. You start at one level and you have a certain amount of time to learn that level. If you do that in time you can grow and move up to the next level. I am sure most of you have played such games at some point. Our planet is a playground where we, humans, or rather: our souls, are trying to grow and develop. Unfortunately we are pretty stubborn and very bad listeners. Therefore many times already we messed up completely and ended up in a 'game over'.

The article at the beginning shows an example and evidence of a total destruction of life on earth. This is not the only proof of this dramatic truth. The same we read however in several sources. Even in religion for example the holy books show great similarities with this concept. 'The story of Noah and his Arc, the story of Babel, of Sodom and Gomorrah, it all shows the same story: that men lost track of what is right and wrong and that therefore 'God' decided to end life and start over new, bringing only the 'good ones' in safety to start new.' These stories are important lessons for human kind, but up till today we still have not understand one single word of what is written there. Religions try to tell us about the old stories and claim this to be the word of God. They claim that God created the earth, that God decided to bring those disasters to earth and so on. Those stories are universal and similarities can also be found in other cultures like for example Maya culture, in Native American culture and in Asian religions.

The big secret however is that there is no such thing as God as these religions describe. In fact, 'God' as we think it is, is something totally different.

As I explained before, we, humans, are all players of the same cycle of growth and development of the soul. We are all connected through the soul. And through the 'soul' join together in a universal consciousness, a universal endless energy. This universal energy in not even bound to this solar system. It is the basic energy for the entire universe, for all solar-systems, planets, lifeforms and beings. And we all, in our own form, are doing the same cycle: we are trying to develop, to grow, to improve ourselves. I think by now you may understand that indeed we – humans – have been trying this game we call life and human growth over and over again. And unfortunately we have failed many times. We make a mess of it, because we still have not understood that greed, power, ego, lust, and other forms of dysfunctional abuse only hurt ourselves and destroy our planet.

And therefore we keep ending up in a global 'game over'. In the stories of 'Noah', 'Sodom and Gomorrah', but also the great plagues in Egypt, and so on it is suggested 'God' intervened and also that 'God' took just a small amount of people in safety. However, there is no such thing as any God as the all religions try to tell us! Religions as thought and preached are lies. They are fabrications of humans with the goal of keeping control over the masses! The truth is that 'God' as meant in the real sense of the word is that universal energy of love that inspires us to grow and develop, the nature of our soul, of all souls in all universes and dimensions. However the 'God' as we see in these apocalyptic stories, in the Torah, Bible, Qur'an and other books is an extraterrestrial life form, or actually extraterrestrial lifeforms, that came to earth when we end up at 'game over' and safe those small numbers that truly understand and can develop into a new level. And it is that same alien(s) that bring(s) back human life to earth. In fact, if you read the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the Torah, it tells exactly what has happened only we never understood the context. Genesis starts after the total destruction of earth, after a global holocaust. "First God made heaven & earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day." This bible story goes on with the same ritual where 'God' creates land, then plants, fish, birds, and so on and finally put humans back on earth.

This is actually a description explaining to us that extraterrestrials have created this hologram we think is the universe, to give us a playground to learn from our mistakes and become truly part of our star-family. To learn to grow over our endless mistakes, to let go of greed, lust, spite, power hunger, ego-centrism, our ignorance and lack of solidarity and our irresponsible selfishness that kills our fellow human brothers and sisters and destroys our planet – yet AGAIN!

If you look at it from a distance it is almost like some super-creature starts over a computer-game after 'game over' after we destroy life on the planet. And that is exactly a comparison of what happens each time again and again. These alien(s) take samples of all lifeforms off the planet to store safely before we totally destruct our earth again, and they come back after a long time and replant everything, built up all the lairs of the earth so life can have a new try, a new chance. This also explains how on several continents the same structures are found with several unexplainable phenomena like pyramids, or the huge patterns of animals in the bottom in south American deserts and so on. Those are all signs of works of the aliens that brought us back here. They are buildings that are built with the help and guidance of our alien saviors. Same as all religions are just traditions of our universal history that has been shared from generation on generation. If the truth about these things would come out it would completely destroy and eliminate all religions on earth, and as such many powerful institutions and even governments would immediately loose all their wealth and power. They would be out of a job and loose grip on the populations of many countries.

The bad news today however is that we stand very closely before 'game over'. As absurd as the book of revelations may seem for most non-Christians even that book has some warning in it that is proving my story to be correct. It is no accident that this book of revelations is on the end. It even described in dept how the world is destroyed, how some are saved and brought to safety and then get in some sort of heaven. I am sure they didn't have better words for it at those days – (we didn't have Donkey Kong in the year 0!) – but it described exactly how aliens come when we destroy the world, and brings the small number that can back on the alien craft and bring them into safety. The sad news however is that we still have not understand what life is about and how we can make that change. If we don't learn to make the right choices and let go of our dysfunctional motives we can not finish our personal journey and will have to start over again on a next life someday. And unfortunately time for us, as global human community is about done. We have destroyed the planet, polluted it with our chemicals and CO2, we have created global warming, hunger, wars and are still nowhere near understanding this is NOT working. Even worse, the US is experimenting and operation HAARP, changing our atmosphere, the currents of the oceans, our ionosphere, creates earthquakes and tsunami's and that has now led to an unstoppable disaster in Fukushima that was also created and caused by US HAARP experiments. Besides that, chemtrails and genetic manipulation (Monsanto) threaten our very existence, we have reached peak oil and the secret US shadow black op parties won;t release the technologies form extraterrestrials that could give all humans free indefinite non-polluting energy, they have militarize our planet and space and everything is currently just going completely wrong. We have reached our final critical point for a new 'game over'! Today we are at a crossroads where we almost are out of time and almost on the brink of global disaster. Our greed and insane power games have led not only to extreme poverty, hunger, endless racist wars, and the massacres of countless peoples in Ukraine, Tibet, Uyghur, Syria, Palestine, CAR, Congo, New Guinea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and so many other countries where – in most cases – American greed leads to illegal wars and stealing of natural resources and oil. But even worse,

We are now in a situation where a nuclear holocaust is happening in Fukushima, that has already effected much of our planet and killed almost all life in the Pacific Ocean. The incompetent Japanese government, the corrupt TEPCO, the corrupt nuclear global industry and the continuous manipulation of the situation there by US continuing to use HAARP against Japan, causing new earthquakes, all make things much worse. There is nothing we can do against this nuclear disaster and we now face the real possibility that very soon, maybe even today, we have to face the reality of the end of all life on earth – GAME OVER!

The only option we have left, to stop this global apocalypse, is to break open the truth about our existence, our place in the universes, the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations, and start working our our spiritual development – clean up our souls so to speak. If we don't do that, life on planet earth will – again – end with a nuclear big bang and bring us all back to zero. And in 25000 years we would be exactly where we are now. For yet again a next time!

What YOU can do today:

Read this article, gather evidence for this truth, and educate yourself as soon as possible about the reality of extraterrestrial life. Reliable sources are connected with Steven Greer, Steven Bassett, Richard Dolan, Carol Rosin, and are found in The Disclosure Project, The Orion Project, CSETI, Sirius Disclosure, Paradign Research Group, and many reliable testimonies are published by these initiatives or persons. However there is an enormous amount of disinformation, spread by parties that seek to keep the truth hidden and stop the revelations of extraterrestrial technologies, contacts and civilizations from the public. A very bad notorious group that spreads disinformation is the Camelot Project. Steve Hawkins is a dis informant, as are most people who claim extraterrestrials are here to hurt us, will do us harm, are a threat or are dangerous. There are many stories about alien abductions from people. These experiences however are all a result of human made scenarios, in human made environments, and done with the support of human made programmed life forms and reverse engineered technologies. The PLFs are made by black ops programs, and the flying saucers are also back-engineered and controlled by humans. There is NO extraterrestrial involvement in these - very traumatic - experiences whatsoever. If we want to make a chance, as a human species, we need to break down these powers that operate against us. The military industrial complex, the oligarchies, the intelligence communities that work with these projects, the multimillion corporations that keep the secrets in like McDonald Douglas, Lockeed Martin, Boeing, NASA, the CIA, and many others. If we want to make a chance we have to break the silence of our mainstream media, who s completely controlled by these powers, and we have to break the ridicule that keeps people from coming out and stepping up to tell the truth. It also means we have to break the power of the rich, because it is the rich elite that also is deeply involved in these wicked evil games, and who don;t want to loose their fortunes. It means, if we want to make even the slightest chance of survival, we have to start a global revolution TODAY, before it is all too late. The finger is on the trigger so to speak because in Fukushima, each next second a nuclear chain reaction may occur that will end all life on earth.




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