the first dimension is a point
we just 'be'

the second dimension is a line
we can move over length

the third dimension is like a cube
we can move over length, width and height

the fourth dimension adds the concept of time
our conscience over our entire life is like a long snake through history, connected as energy, through space and time

the fifth dimension is conscience
which means we can flop in and out of parallel universes and realities
it is the level of our eternal soul

to make it even more complex -
if you understand the 4th and 5th dimension you may picture also how in different realities, of space and time and conscience, other beings, or even yourself in a completely different dimension, could be observing your current self, maybe even steering, manipulating and helping your current self to develop and to make it even more complex, that might even proof in a way that indeed, as some scientists have been saying lately, that the universe appears to have the characteristics of a giant hologram which might mean, our entire reality in space and time is - in our awareness and reality and observation only a reflection of a projection of a conscious experience

do you still follow my drift?

and I will make it even more complex now -

when we realize how we are all one soul, all living creatures in the universe
if we all understood our spiritual lesson and purpose
then we could truly alter our current planet situation
the current wars and destruction of our planet
is a mirror and an expression of our spiritual detachment, confusion, and loss
if we would all reconnect on a soul level, realizing we are all connected as one
all wars, hunger, destruction and natural disasters might actually cease to exist
and we would transform not only the entire living population on our planet,
and heal our damaged, destroyed planet,
but we would also change the energy of our planet as a whole dramatically and through t hat open portals to the universe, to other universes,
and to eternity
we would actually have managed to make the entire universe beat into tune again

and when we manage to do so,
that would only be like just one single heartbeat,
in the history of our universes, dimensions and energy
on the time path of eternity
but on that specific moment we would all become one and be truly completely happy, balanced and whole

only to then move up to the next level
like life itself, growing from birth to death, in an eternal rhythm